Font Sampler Script

Creates pages for the Scribus page layout program that contain blocks of samples for each selected font. Currently puts three fonts per page in an assortment of popular sizes.

Font Sampler screenshot

This python script uses Tkinter to create a dialog. The dialog contains two panes. The left side lists all the fonts available to Scribus. The right side shows all the fonts the user has chosen to be used in the font sample sheets. The order of the displayed fonts can be adjusted with the up and down buttons.


Scribus screenshot main

Whats new in 0.8 (Released 24th November 2005)

Note this version only works with latest cvs versions of Scribus.

Whats new in 0.7.5

Whats new in 0.7.4

Whats new in 0.7.3

Whats new in 0.7.2